Michigan Races

Winter Events


Tahquamenon Snowshoe Race

February 21, 2015

Paradise, MI

All events start at the Upper Tahquamenon Falls. The 10K includes 5K of machine groomed trail and 5K of packed single track. The course includes spectacular views of the Upper Falls and travels through forested sections of towering old growth white pines. The 20K course consists of two loops of the 10K. The 5K and the kid’s 800 meter are single machine groomed tracks.

Porcupine Mountains Snowshoe Race

March 8, 2015

Silver City, MI

One of the most enchanted venues for endurance sport in the midwest. Ancient mountains overlook the largest freshwater lake in the world. The Porcupine Mountains receive abundant lake effect snowfall that typically lasts well into April. Combine this with the largest stand of old growth forest in the midwest and rolling, groomed trails and you have the ingredients for a world class snowshoe course.

Summer Events


Two Hearted Trail Run

June 27, 2015

Paradise, MI

Located in the remote northeastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Two Hearted River captured the imagination of Nobel Laureate Ernest Hemingway who wrote “The Big Two Hearted River” about the adventures of Nick Adams who departed the train in Seney and headed northward to remote river country east of Muskallonge Lake.  Runners in the 50K and Marathon will have the opportunity to travel via single track through this country on their journey past wilderness lakes, wild rivers on their way to the finish at the Upper Tahquamenon Falls.  This course has the capacity to transform the way you see nature and the world.


Waugoshance Trail Marathon

July 11, 2015

Emmet County, MI

The marathon starts near Cross Village and follows the North Country Trail past Wycamp Lake, ascending the Sturgeon Bay bluffs, then continues northward to Goose Pond in Wilderness State Park. The course then heads eastward past Cecil Bay and Trails End Bay and along the northern shore of French Farm Lake. Runners then continue on to the Mackinaw City. Runners can park near the finish and take a bus to the start.

Grand Island Trail Marathon

July 25, 2015

Munising, MI

The course follows the perimeter trail of the island counterclockwise up past Murray Bay and Duck Lake. At three miles the course heads eastward into the Tombolo, up into the island's thumb and then back along Trout Bay where runners can enjoy one of the most spectacular stretches of shoreline anywhere in the Great Lakes. Runners then ascend up the eastern cliffs of the island which treat runners to views of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The northern half of the island features 300ft colored Jacobsville sandstone cliffs and the remote and exquisitely beautiful North Beach. The return trail on the island’s western shore features remarkable vistas of Lake Superior. Much of the trail is shaded by lush hardwood forests. Exposed sections (atop cliffs) blanket runners with cool breezes off of Lake Superior. Trail includes single track, two track, and narrow dirt roads.

Tahqua Trail Run

August 8, 2015

Paradise, MI

The course begins on the Tahqua Trail 4.3 miles west of Whitefish Bay in eastern Lake Superior. Runners follow a dirt forest road along the Tahquamenon River for one quarter mile until they reach the North Country Trail (NCT). The single track NCT winds through spruce swale, pine ridges, lush bogs, Jack Pine savannah, and past the Camp 10 and Water Tank lakes, where the occasional moose can be spotted. Runners reach Lower Tahquamenon Falls nine and a half miles into the race. The NCT then transitions into the heavily forested Lower Falls trails. One mile later the course merges with the River Trail which travels along the Tahquamenon River. The River Trail features old growth hemlock and yellow birch. Runners hear the roar of the Upper Falls encouraging a strong finish near the top of the second largest waterfall east of the Mississippi.

Porcupine Mtn Trail Marathon

September 19, 2015

Silver City, MI

The Porcupine Mountains are one of the largest tracts of wilderness east of the Mississippi River. The Porcupine Mts overlook Lake Superior, the largest fresh water lake on Earth. The coastline is remote and rugged. The marathon course includes some of the most remarkable single track in the midwest and takes runners past tranquil and remote Mirror Lake and along the classic Escarpment Trail where you can almost reach out and touch soaring hawks as you overlook Lake of the Clouds. This event completes a trio of deeply inspiring trail marathon hosted by Great Lakes Endurance (Waugoshance, Grand Island, and Porcupine Mtns) offering runners the best of what Michigan and the Upper Great Lakes have to offer.r